Warning to my heart

Fly away my soul
Catch the wind and drift away
Peace be still

Calm down my heart
Find solace in your lovings
Humble your thoughts
Provoke no feelings

Love with every inch
Forget every pinch
Protect your dear seam
You are so fragile

A friend has made a way into your chambers
Love him still
Protect yourself
Calm down my heart
Fight not for love
Just let it be.

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I cannot hate

For Lindelwe

When you wrote to me the first time I was floored, your words managed to catch my attention. See, I have always been social, smart and cautious. But you taught me how to let loose and let my emotions out. And I began to write my feelings, then I noticed I could sing what I wrote. Started writing for others and now my talent is slowly getting the attention of others.

So. This piece should remind you of where we come from. I took time to re-write your work and this is what cme out.


There are days when I think.

There are days where my thoughts, render me your face And I cry.

I don’t cry because I want you back

I cry because my heart does

Maybe you not the one but, you could’ve been the one

I don’t miss you per-say, my heart commands your presence

I don’t love you no more, I just

Never ceased doing so

I don’t want you back

I fear dreams come true.

I am not afraid of what I feel,

Words could never do justice.

I though I could but,

your silence is too loud.

I thought ill of you.

Now I detest my own jealous nature,

Perhaps we could work out,

a thought that is remains.

You had my heart.

You had my soul.

You had my body.

You had my mind.

All that is left of me is but a disdainful clone…

Believe me I tried.

Believe me I hoped,

that one day i’d be rid of you

In my thought, pity my brains now work overtime

Since the pendulum of heart and mind

Still remains unbalanced.

I loved and still do.

When you’d hurt me, i’d easily forgive.

When you’d cry, I would.

What I miss now is not you.

But the pain of loving you,

at least then this prevalent v oidness was alien in your presence…


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